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In-circuit test fixtures

Every type of in-circuit test fixtures (wired, wireless, pneumatic) for all major tester brands

Rematek : Top manufacturer of in-circuit test fixtures

For more than 20 years, Rematek has manufactured top quality in-circuit test fixtures for SME as well as multinational companies around the world.

Rematek's test fixtures are manufactured with top quality materials, have unique designs and have a three month warranty. The company's reputation in innovative techniques, continued progress and quality control ensures the most reliable and effective test fixture on the market. Rematek manufactures test fixtures for all major tester brands like Agilent, GenRad, Teradyne, etc.

Small Agilent test fixture, single bank Agilent 3070 ICT large, dual bank. These large fixtures are able to test PCBs as large as 60 cm (24 in) x 36 cm (14.5 in).

Examples of manufactured test fixtures

As an important manufacturer in in-circuit test fixtures, Rematek has the expertise to fabricate all types of test fixtures used in the industry and offers a numerous of related services. These include:

  • Wireless test fixtures
  • ESD test fixtures
  • Short-wire test fixtures
  • Dual stage test fixtures
  • Pneumatic, mechanical and vacuum test fixtures
  • Top and side access probing test fixtures
  • Text fixtures compatible with Agilent Bead Probe technology
  • Board stress analysis
  • And many more


Technology and reliability

Test fixtures manufactured by Rematek are up to date with the latest technologies in the industry as well as having multiple advantages.

Whether it is high precision probes (for example, the X-Probe) that allow test points as small as 0.020", or the added security and precision of the iTech vacuum box, or even the Fast Frame which permits the reconfiguration/reuse of a test fixture, Rematek will deliver, to their clients, the most up-to-date products that are reliable and profitable.

Two X-Probe models that Rematek co-invented. The X-Probe allows test points as small as 0.020 inches. The Fast Frame is a Rematek invention that allows the rapid reconfiguration/reuse of a fixture for a new project

  Examples of technological advances in Rematek fixtures


Cutting-edge manufacturing and design for a fast delivery


On time delivery of quality test fixtures is what has made Rematek successful throughout the years. To achieve this success, Rematek has developed a unique in-house process that is almost 100% automated. This process allows rapid manufacturing of quality test fixtures at a lower cost. The usual delay to manufacture test fixtures is five working days.

Rematek engineers know how to design a good quality product that will meet customer requirements while respecting the budget and deadlines.

Complex fixtures are designed using a 3D CAD program. This allows Rematek to send CAD files to the customer for a virtual showing of all the parts of the product, how they interface together and how the unit under test will fit into it. The customer can therefore inspect the product from every angle, simulate its operations and ask for modifications or additions while it is still a computer file rather than do it on the actual product; saving time, money and avoiding misunderstandings.

3D drawing versus the final product

3D drawing versus the final product

For simpler or lower budget fixtures, Rematek generally designs using in-house developed software: DrillCAD. This software has been specifically developed for the electronic test industry and allows rapid 2D designs of a test fixture on a tight budget, while keeping the design quality. The customer is kept informed throughout the entire project to ensure that the solution developed meets all of his/her requirements. CAD files of the fixture can be sent to the customer for examination (a DrillCAD viewer is provided).

DrillCAD also has the ability to quickly produce (48 hours following the receipt of files) board stress analysis (FEA) reports. This predesign step is optional, but it is inexpensive and allows Rematek to determine if the planned position of the probes and pressure fingers is "100% safe"; i.e. the pressure exerted by both items on the PCB will not damage it. Board stress analysis can save time, money and prevent problems that are much more difficult to resolve once the manufacturing of the test fixture has begun and/or the PCB design finalized. To learn more about board stress analysis, click here.

Board stress analysis (FEA) in DrillCAD

Board stress analysis (FEA) in DrillCAD



Rematek has many years of experience in manufacturing test fixtures. Its production is well organized, every step of the manufacturing process is done with attention to detail and the whole operation is overseen by the production manager and engineer assigned to the project. The real-time monitoring of the production via an ERP software ensures that the budget and time allocated to the project are met.

Test fixture wiring is done with computer assisted semi-automatic wire wrap machines. Once the wiring is completed, the fixture is brought to a test station to validate the work done. This ensures a 100% error-free fixture wiring, with a confirmation report.

The CNC drilling machines used to manufacture the PCB support plate are extremely precise, with a positioning accuracy of 0.007" and drill bits that can have a diameter as small as 0.010". From such accuracy, results a base plate with a minimum of material removed around the PCB components to ensures that the PCB is better supported and does not break under vacuum.

The assembly department at work  Test fixture wiring is done with computer assisted semi-automatic wire wrap machines A CNC drilling machine busy making a PCB support plate. These highly precise CNC machines have a positioning accuracy of 0.007 inches.

Photos of the production floor


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