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iTech vacuum box

A product that improves in-circuit fixture accuracy and test operator safety

Innovation and accuracy

The iTech vacuum box is an innovative product fully designed by Rematek Test Fixtures and that increases in-circuit fixture accuracy by using a guided floating pressure plate; which allows a better alignment between the pressure fingers/probes and the PCB to test. The automatic alignment of the floating pressure plate is made possible by two components: an alignment pin on the top plate and a bushing on the pressure plate. As the lid is closed,  the alignment pin gets inside the bushing which forces the floating plate to move slightly in the "right" direction so that it get perfectly aligned with the top plate. Note that a "reverse" setup (bushing on the top plate and alignment pin on the floating pressure plate) is possible.

Alignment pin and bushing to get the floating plate perfectly aligned

Alignment pin and bushing to get the floating plate perfectly aligned

The pressure plate is made of polycarbonate (Lexan) or glass epoxy laminate (G-10 grade), and the frame is made of metal. The frame has handles that allows the iTech vacuum box to be removed to get a clear access to the base for maintenance on the probes.

The iTech vacuum box offers two different gas spring configurations which allows the force exerted by the gas springs to be adjusted. This gives you the choice of a "push-to-open" or "push-to-close" movement for operating the lid.

Push-to-open and push-to-close configurations



The iTech vacuum box is a very secure product to work with. When the lid is closed, there is no gap under which the operator can accidentally slip his or her fingers. This will eliminates the risk of someone getting his or her fingers crushed as the fixture is activated under vacuum. There is also a lid safety lock for when the fixture is not operated under vacuum. This lock should be used when the fixture need to be moved, maintained or stored.

The iTech vacuum box lid safety lock

The lid safety lock


Need more information?

For more information about this product, please don't hesitate to contact a Rematek representative who will gladly answer your questions. The documents listed below may also be of interest.

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